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BOIS 1920

The name BOIS 1920 recalls the year of the creation of the company and the four letters are an acronym for Bottega Italiana Spigo, meaning “Italian Lavender Boutique”.

Today Bois 1920 is a collection of exclusive, timeless fragrances.

Each creation is an alchemy, unique in its sensations, born out of an ancient perfume culture, which is centered on the excellence of raw materials for creating new, precious versions.

These fragrances are characterized by the utmost emphasis on the quality of the essences, conceived to last persistently on the skin.

BOIS 1920 was founded by one of the Italian pioneers of modern perfumery, Guido Galardi. Guido started by collecting lavender on the hills around Florence to test and prepare his first fragrant recipes.


Oro 1920

A firm and deep fragrance, partially obscure and for that magnetic. An intertwining of elegant nuances of Ginger and Incense, taped by innovative caresses of Aromatic Fir and spotted by unusual fruity sparks of Raspberry. Notes of Guaiac Wood completed by the sumptuous floral accord of precious Iris and May Rose, nestled between the tender and sinuous Osmanthus and Opopax. The dry down is dark and intense, a melange of Tobacco, dense resins and Vanilla which exalt all the Leather force, symbol of class and durability.

Agrumi Amari di Sicillia

From the start it evokes the crystal clarity of a midsummer day. Its original freshness, which does not conceal the personality of the wearer, is achieved by concentrating hesperidian notes. The middle note presents a flowery procession. The fragrance extends over an elegant, sensual base note enriched by refined boisé notes.


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