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Travalo Milano Hd Elegance Aqua



You and your favourite scent can now travel in style with this Aqua Travalo Milano, a refined and luxurious portable fragrance atomiser. Made from aircraft grade aluminium and totally free of glass, it is light, strong and approved for airline carry-on baggage. Finished in a durable and tactile faux leather with finely crafted and polished metal detailing, Milano is a wonderfully balanced, high quality product that feels great to hold and use. Travalo’s incredible high definition spray head produces a fine, luxurious fragrance mist. Like all Travalo atomisers, the 5ml reservoir refills in seconds directly from most standard perfume bottles. The innovative Genie-S ‘pump to fill’ refill system perfectly transfers your fragrance without spills or damaging exposure to air, giving you approximately 65 sprays. Travalo’s U-change system makes the refillable inner vial removable so that you can change your fragrance in an instant with no cleaning and no need to run it to empty! Take off your perfume bottle spray head and remove the Travalo engine (inner vial) from the case. Pump the base of the engine on the perfume bottle nozzle until full and then replace engine in the case.

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