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Finding a scent that’s right on the nose

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At POP, perfumery is about people

When you’ve been in the industry for as long as we have (a combined sixty years), you get a real insight into what works and what doesn’t.

We exist because many perfumeries can be a bit impersonal. That’s why POP is a welcoming, non-intimidating space that’s all about you. We’re not here to judge, nor persuade, we’re here to let you experience the art of perfumery and explore your own preferences.

Finding a fragrance that fits

Michael Edwards, the perfume expert’s expert, called fragrance ‘liquid emotion.’ And he’s right: scent is very evocative compared to other senses, but that makes it subjective.

What one person loves, another may hate, which is why at POP we don’t try to be all things to all people. We listen and learn, figuring out your unique tastes and preferences so we can find the individual scent that fits you to a tee.

Pouring our heart, soul and expertise into our service

Our small, close-knit team of experts live and breathe perfumery. Nine years ago our founders sold their house to fund the business, and they have never looked back.

If we’re not in the shop talking shop, we’re on the phone taking orders or in the back room preparing them. We’re open 10am-6pm Tuesday through Saturday, and offer everything from perfume parties to consultations and private shopping.


Big brands, small brands, we only pick the brand that’s right for you

We’ve been in the perfume game for a while, and have forged long-lasting relationships with all sorts of brands. From established names to up and coming fragrances, we scour the entire market to find your perfect scent.

Our Thoughts

“Everyone’s different. No two people have the same preferences, which is why POP is all about individuality. We’re here to help you do you.”

Our Thoughts

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