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Marc-Antoine Barrois is a French couturier born from a northern French family who had made name for themselves in the textile industry. From a very early age he was fascinated by his grand- father’s elegance that drove him to seek the art of simple luxury without ostentation but assuredly with finesse. After learning patterns, cutting and sewing as he was studying textile engineering, he designed his first collection in Lille in 2006. This success then led Marc-Antoine Barrois to work with Dominique Sirop, Jean-Paul Gaultier and Jean-Claude Jitrois before creating his own Maison de Couture for men. Offering men what women already have in Haute Couture, Marc-Antoine Barrois designs unique suits, tuxedos and jackets for confidential clients seeking exclusivity.

Demanding the same level of quality, elegance and expertise for his fragrance collection, he embarked upon a collaboration with world renowned perfumer Quentin Bisch. More than anything, Quentin Bisch likes to create emotion, surprise, take people on journeys. This combined know how, has resulted in a truly remarkable collection, loved by discerning fragrance lovers seeking quality and individuality.

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