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Artistic house of luxury fragrances founded in 2012

Painter and poet Stéphane Humbert Lucas studied painting in the South of France with a Flemish master and specialised the the tempera technique where he was obsessed with the combination of pigments and their texture. Convinced that every colour had a scent, he discovered his synthesia, a perceptual phenomenon in which the stimulation of his sight simultaneously triggers his sense of smell.

La Collection 777 An Oriental Odyssey – Launched in 2012 and Inspired by his travels to the Middle East and love of the Orient, which he views as the cradle of the universe. In the western imaginary, the Orient refers to visions of picturesque luxury and refinement. The sumptuousness of dazzling fabrics, the heady blend of spices and flowers, the 777 Collection alludes to this imaginary and compliments it with the authors own spiritual and philosophical approach. The number 7 is the symbol of perfection, happiness and wisdom. 777 is a symbol of luck, protection and peace.

La Collection Serpent – The symbolic adventure of the snake, collecting stories and legends from all over the world. A totem animal, majestic for different peoples, or yet again adornments, incarnations and distrust. Nothing more delightful and inspiring than the creation of a collection reminiscent of carnivals and distant theatres, both honorary and musical, philosophical or sacred, based on this sensual, breath-taking monster.

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